Monday, January 24, 2011

An Opinionated Education 2010 Top Ten List

It’s Oscars Season, ladies and gentlemen, and before the red carpet rolls out and the annual fake tan shortage begins, it is most certainly that time of year we love to look back and ruthlessly, meticulously rank this year’s releases. Whilst I only began publishing reviews on A.O.E. a few months ago, I have been scribbling down star ratings all year. I have notebooks to rival Kevin Spacey’s in Se7en. The following top ten has been selected out of a list of 44 films released in Australia throughout last year and pays particular attention to originality, entertainment value, artistic merit, polish and maturity.

A.O.E.’s Top 10 Films of 2010
1. Winter’s Bone
2. Inception
3. The Road
4. Shutter Island
5. Four Lions
6. Fantastic Mr. Fox
7. Animal Kingdom
8. Please Give
9. Black Swan
10. The Kids Are Alright

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