Monday, January 9, 2012

AOE Top Ten List 2011

It is, quite simply, that time again. After a year spent in the noble occupations of asserting my (nonetheless fraudulent) right to discounted student ticketing, finding the perfect nasal balance between glasses and 3D glasses, dreaming up questionable movie puns during woeful Yalumba promos and perhaps a few too many cappuccino choc tops, AOE exhumes its notebooks, scribbled star ratings and faded laser-printed ticket stubs to assemble it’s annual Top Ten List. This year the list is selected out of over 55 films released in Australia over the course of 2011 in preparation for the awards season. Films are dubbed meritorious according to entertainment, production, artistic and cultural value, and of course according to AOE’s EO.

10. X-Men First Class

Honourable Mentions: Frankenstein: Live at the NGV; The Tempest; 127 Hours; Project Nim; Attack the Block.

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